The Ultrasound

The gestation period for puppies is about  63 days.  Four to 5 weeks after breeding, the female is brought back to CCI for an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy.   The ultrasound is just like those for human babies .  The female gets to relax on her back in a nice cushioned tube on the floor while the ultrasound is done and the images are recorded.    The breeder caretaker  can take home pictures of the ultrasound to show all their friends!  The confirmation of pregnancy can be stressful for both the breeder caretaker  and the veterinarian.  Dr Ruth Daniels takes her job personally and is not happy if the dog is not pregnant. 

The purpose of the ultrasound is to confirm pregnancy.   Once pregnancy is confirmed,  the amount of food the female gets is increased.  See the manual or the web page on feeding for guidelines on how much to feed. 

An estimated delivery date of the litter is provided.  The actual delivery date is usually within plus or minus 2 days of the estimated delivery date.  The female must not be left alone during this period.

The breeder caretaker also picks up the WES (Whelping and Early Socialization) kit.  The “kit” consists of several items that you will need for prewhelp, whelp and post whelp.  For more information on these items see page 11 of the manual and the setups page on this web site.