Still  Borns  Happen

  As much as we would like to have a perfect delivery, it does not always happen.  Having still born pups is not fun but can't be prevented so we have to accept it as another aspect of being a breeder caretaker.  We have dopram to help stimulate a stillborn pup to breath and we can do vigorous rubbing to try to revive a still born.  But even these methods are often not enough. 

The following video clip shows the birth of a still born pup and the BCs attempts to revive the pup. The pup is born and is very limp and showing no signs of life.  The videographer grabs the dopram and gives it to the BC and the BC is so fast giving the dopram shot under the tongue that the video only catches the end of the shot.  In any case, the puppy is not revived by any method.  Click on the following link to view the video on YouTube.

Video of Still Born Pup On You Tube