New Room Experience

To Explore or Stay Put

Young mammals have strong exploratory tendencies and these are often in conflict with fearfulness and apprehension.  Take each pup individually to a new room in your house.  This room should have a hard flooring surface (linoleum, concrete, wood, etc.) and be empty of other people or animals.  While standing in the center of the room, place the pup about 2 feet in front of you, facing away from you.  Begin counting silently to ten while you remain motionless and observe the puppy’s actions.  Count and observe for 10 seconds only.

  • How many seconds before the pup takes its first step?
  • Was the first step to turn towards you? To back up to you? To move away from you? Check the appropriate choice.
  • Does the pup show any signs of quivering?
  • Does the pup whine, cry, or bark? Continually? Stops and starts? Check the appropriate choice(s).
  • At the end of ten seconds how many feet away from the starting point is the puppy?

Click for Printable Sopy of Record Sheet for Exercise 6