Eye Contact

A key signal in social interactions among mammals is eye contact.  Sitting outside the puppy pen, cradle the pup with   your arms and breathe on its muzzle three times.  Look away from the pup's eyes, say “Canine Companions” three times in your normal tone of voice.  After finishing this look into the puppy's eyes and begin counting silently to ten.  After the third “Canine Companions” how many seconds does it   take before the pup makes eye contact with you?  The pup may not look at you or may not look immediately.  Continue    observing up to a       maximum of 10 seconds.  The exercise is finished as soon as the puppy looks away from your eyes.

                                                     - How many seconds does the pup maintain eye contact without looking away?

        • Which pups never made eye contact?

Click on the following Link for a printable copy of the Record sheet for exercise 5

Record Sheet for Exercise 5