The Breeding Process




Once the female comes into heat and is brought int CCI, she will be kept in the breeding kennels and is usually kenneled with another female in heat.  The heat cycle lasts for 2 to 3 weeks and the female is monitored for her peak breeding time which usually occurs near the end of the heat cycle.  She will be bred with a male breeder chosen by CCI.  She will be bred twice to help ensure conception.  The same male is usually used twice but sometimes 2 different males are used and DNA testing of the puppies is used to determine who was  the sire for each puppy.  It is possible for a  litter to have pups from both males.





Breeding occurs in the breeding room.  The dogs (even females) usually drag the handler into the room as most of them enjoy breeding.   I imagine the scents in that room are stimulating to a dog.  The breeding is observed by humans and the tie time is recorded.

Feeding After Breeding

While the female is in the kennels, she will be switched from her Eukanuba adult food to Eukanuba Premium.  The premium food has higher calorie and nutrient content that a pregnant mom needs.  After the breeding and heat cycle are complete, the breeder caretaker will pick up her female from CCI along with Eukanuba Premium food and feeding instructions.  For more information on feeding, see the FEEDING page on this site.  They will also be given an appointment for an ultrasound.  The gestation period for canines is 63 days and the ultrasound occurs about 4-5 weeks after breeding.   Click the link on the Ultrasound subpage under the Breeding page for more information on the ultrasound.   After the ultrasound confirms pregnancy, an x-ray a week prior to the due date follows.  Click the link on the X-ray subpage under Breeding for more information on the x-ray process.