Breeder Selection

Breeder dogs for CCI are selected from the 13 to 20 month old puppies that matriculate into advanced training.  The selection occurs  in the first semester of training (3 months).  The dogs are selected based on temperament, breeding, and the characteristics that CCI needs for service dogsOnce selected, the dogs go to breeder caretaker homes.  Breeder caretakers are responsible for the care of the dog and whelping of puppies (if they have a female breeder).  Breeder caretakers must live within a 90 mile radius of the CCI campus in Santa Rosa,CA.   


Pup in PawCCI female breeder caretakers are responsible for whelping 5 litters.  CCI female breeders  are bred at every heat cycle (season) and will have 5 litters as long as age and health allow.   The heat cycle for each female is different.  Some may come into heat every 6 months while others may be once a year.  The breeder caretaker is responsible for the health and well being of the breeder dog and must bring the female into CCI when she comes into heat.  Click on the Breeding Process link on this page for more information on breeding.


SW Dog Sign CCI male breeders LOVE their jobs and would work 7 days a week if given the chance.  However, the males are ON CALL for breeding.  If a male is needed for breeding, the breeder caretaker for the chosen male is contacted to bring the male in.  The breeding may occur the same day and the male can go home or he may have to stay in the kennels for a few days. Breeder caretakers of male breeders are responsible for the care and wellbeing of the CCI male and must be sure to keep the male from “unauthorized”  breeding.    Having a male breeder may seem like an easy job but intact males can be a challenge to manage due to hormones.